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FeaturedImage 6 Screen Editing Apps You Can Use To Create Your Own Mobile Themed Slot 850x480 - 6 Screen Editing Apps You Can Use To Create Your Own Mobile Themed Slot

6 Screen Editing Apps You Can Use To Create Your Own Mobile Themed Slot

Themes are marvelous concepts that enhance the gameplay experience. They are the underlying reason why many games succeed and why some fail. A captivating design often intrigues the interest of the players and keeps their attention for a long time.

Nevertheless, even though there are abundant themed casino games or slots in the world, there are still moments when we are driven by the notion of creating our own themes. Maybe what we have inside our minds could be the next big thing.


FeaturedImage Top 3 Themed Slots You Can Play on Your Smartphone 850x480 - Top 3 Themed Slots You Can Play on Your Smartphone

Top 3 Themed Slots You Can Play on Your Smartphone

Slots are easy casino games to play but they are often the most immersive out of all the casino games. This is because they can improve the player’s environment through its themes.

When playing a themed slot, a player is basically brought to the world that the theme has imposed.

In terms of mobile gameplay, the same experience can be applied. Just find the right theme for you and be immersed in the story that you choose.


iwatcher 850x480 - How to find the Top New Zealand Casinos

How to find the Top New Zealand Casinos

There are so many online casinos in New Zealand now that it is difficult to work out which ones are worth playing at and which ones are just a waste of time. Here at iWatcher we have created a quick guide on finding the top online casinos and what to do once you have found them.

If you are looking to find the top online casinos in New Zealand, your first step should be to find a website that will provide you with fair accurate information regarding which online casinos are best to play at and provide you with advice on how to take advantage of their bonus offers.

Once you have found the best online casino for you, you should educate yourself on their terms and bonus conditions to make sure you are able to get the most from your casino experience.

The Best Website for Online Casinos in NZ

The internet is filled with websites claiming to be authorities when it comes to gambling online and many of them offer excellent information regarding online gambling internationally but there aren’t too many online casino authority sites that focus on New Zealand.

The undisputed Kiwi casino authority site we have found is Best NZ Casinos covers everything you need to know about online casinos in New Zealand. They have provided links to important resources like the DIA website where online gambling laws are verified and translated this information into language that the average Kiwi can understand.

Best New Zealand Casinos has information on minimum deposit casinos, online casino bonuses, wagering requirements and in-depth reviews of all of New Zealands top online casinos. We highly recommend this website to any New Zealander looking for the best online casino website to play at.

Find the Right Bonus for You

Find the right Online casino bonus

There are many different types of casino bonuses being offered in New Zealand. We see some casinos that offer deposit match bonuses of 100% up to $1000 on your first deposit whilst their are other casinos that split the deposit match across your first three deposits. Its so important to look at the breakdown of the the deposit match bonus. The highest match percentage is usually attributed to your fist deposit with the second deposit offering a much lower percentage.

The other mechanism that online casinos use to make the welcome bonuses more attractive to players is the use of Free Spins. Free spins are a great way to experience a particular game at a casino and some casinos will offer you these spins for just signing up. The free spins on signup bonuses are excellent for players that want to try a casino before making an initial deposit. The winnings from free spins are often treated as bonus money and are subject to wagering requirements before withdrawal.

Understanding Casino Terms and Conditions

We cannot stress how important it is for players to read and understand the terms and conditions at any online casino that they intend to play at. It is in the terms and conditions where you see whether or not a casino is going to be fair and honest with you as a player.

The key points to look at when reading a casinos terms and conditions are:

Bonus Deposit Method Exclusions
It is important to read through the terms and conditions and ensure that the payment method you are planning to use is not only supported as a deposit method at the casino but that deposits with this method are eligible for bonuses at the casino. You will often find that deposits with virtual cards like Skrill and Neteller are excluded from deposit bonuses.
Wagering Requirements
There will always be wagering requirements attached to online casino bonuses but the multiple ranges dramatically between different online casinos. Wagering requirements usually range from somewhere between 35 to 50 times the bonus amount but there are some casinos that place waging requirements of up to 100 times the original bonus amount. There are also casinos like SkyCity online casino that allow for wager free, free spins as described explained at Best New Zealand Casinos.
Wagering Limits
One of the key terms that most players do not read is the wagering limit on bonuses term. This is when an online casino sets a maximum wagering limit on bonus money. This means that players that bet higher than this limit could be penalised and have the winnings revoked if they place a bet higher than the wagering limit. It is easy to bet higher than this limit as it is not enforced within the games and is only applied when players look to withdraw their winnings.

Submit Documentation Early

One of the best tips when starting out at a new casino is to submit your “Know Your Customer”(KYC) documentation early on to ensure that you can withdraw your winnings easily when that time comes. We find that many customers only submit the documentation when the casino requests it at the time of withdrawal which leads to delays in getting your money.

Casino KYC documents

If you submit your documents early on and ensure that you have all the papers that the casino needs, before reaching trying to withdraw your money, the process runs much smoother.


The keys to finding the best online casinos in New Zealand are:

  • Use a reputable casino review site like
  • Pick a casino that offers a bonus that suits your playing style.
  • Read the casino terms and conditions carefully to avoid disappointed when you withdraw.
  • Submit your KYC documents early on.

If you follow these simple steps you are bound to find the best online casinos in New Zealand and have a far more pleasurable casino experience.

FeaturedImage 3 Wi Fi Apps to Boost Your Mobile Casino Gameplay Experience 850x480 - 3 Wi-Fi Apps to Boost Your Mobile Casino Gameplay Experience

3 Wi-Fi Apps to Boost Your Mobile Casino Gameplay Experience

A bad internet connection could ruin the gameplay experience of a player. This is especially so if this player is playing a casino match against other players. The bad connection could delay the reaction time of the player and may result in a significant loss.

This is why maintaining a good internet connection is necessary when playing online in general. That way, the player is always instantaneously updated about the environment of the game without any ounce of delay.


FeaturedImage Top 4 Storage Apps for Sharing and Storing Mobile Casino Games 850x480 - Top 4 Storage Apps for Sharing and Storing Mobile Casino Games

Top 4 Storage Apps for Sharing and Storing Mobile Casino Games

Playing casino games on your mobile devices can be a surreal experience. However, there is sometimes a chance that we do not realize we have maxed out the space of our smartphones.

When this happens, we are often devastated with the idea of making a choice of which apps we need to delete to clear additional space.

Fortunately, this is no longer a significant issue today. This is because in the current technological generation, we have been blessed by so-called storage apps.