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Our Top Mobile Slots of 2020

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Playing pokies from your mobile phone, tablet, computer, or any other kind of tech toy you have available presents a lot of fun for New Zealanders. The question remains though, which pokie (or slot) is the most popular? Well, we will answer that question and more below. We have compiled a list of the top ten most sought after pokies to play online in New Zealand. Do keep in mind that this list is general. We sincerely apologize if one of your favourites was left off (the list).

Mega Moolah

This one is an all-time favourite, and here is why. First of all, it is put out by Microgaming. You can be assured that anything Microgaming does is going to be good. The lucky winner is going to win up to more than 28 million in the New Zealand currency. Now, this prize was awarded five years ago to a few lucky winners. The exact money value might have either increased or decreased. We are not sure. We only present this currency example to show you what the winning pot is capable of presenting.

The Twin Spin

This pokie (or slot) comes from NetEnt. NetEnt is another popular software system, much like Microgaming. The reason behind the name is it links two of the five reels together. It has become one of the more popular options in recent memory (dating back at least 15-20 years ago). That is to give you an idea.

The Monty Python Spamalot SLot

Those of you who are fans of the Monty Python franchise are going to love this. It is rich in both money and laughs. That is one of the reasons New Zealanders love it so much. Fans of the Monty Python franchise can take comfort knowing the software developers have stayed true to the original story. Plus, there are so many bonus features that it would be nearly impossible to list them all right now. It would take a separate page of content to do that job justice. This pokie is truly one of a kind. Fans can rejoice that the legacy of Monty Python has been held intact with this game.

The Aristocrats

This one is put out by the Aristocrat Leisure Limited Company. This slot empire started back in 1953. It is also headquartered in Sydney, Australia. It also makes its way onto the ASX100 list. This pokie has become so popular (through its Australia fan base) it made its way to New Zealand (like other games before it).

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Some Tips For Playing Pokies

  1. Players should find out before what games are running hot versus cold. The sites in New Zealand should provide that information for you. What happens when the sites do not? You need to request it than through the support staff. The system has the information, but some sites operate under the, “you must ask, otherwise we will now provide it” mindset.
  2. You should try to determine your RTP (Return-To-Player) ratio before you begin. Every site in New Zealand is different. It is also determined by the wins and losses a player can receive with each game.
  3. Did you check to see if the casino has a nice bonus package offer before playing? The reason is that you can use the free bonus money to help navigate your way through the pokie. That way you can determine which ones you like the most, and use that knowledge to your advantage. There is no use playing a pokie that you do not like. Use the free bonus funds to determine your likes and dislikes. That way you can move onto the real deal after you get comfortable. We hope that makes sense.
  4. Pokies are best played in the free demo mode. Some sites will offer it, and some will not. It is similar to the way you use the free bonus funds to determine whether or not you like the pokie. You can then move away from the free demo once you make your choice. Another great thing about the free demo is practising. Once again, this is similar to using fake money versus real money. You get comfortable and learn the rules in the demo version. You move onto the real play mode once you are ready.
  5. Do you find yourself at a crossroads? Do you find yourself beginning to lose? That is when you want to decrease your bet size. Decreasing your bet size will allow you more time to get the odds in your favour. You never want to chase the dragon (chasing losses). Some players foolishly believe they can make the money up later, and then some. That is an inaccurate picture of what will happen. You will continue to lose. Decrease your bets until time and luck are back on your side.
  6. The last tip is about increasing your pokie bet. First, wait until you are in a better position to move (after you have stopped chasing your losses). Increase your bets slowly. Your time and energy will be counterproductive if you do it fast. Start increasing slowly, and then wait. Things will begin to turn around for you.