How to deposit money online

Best Online Casino Deposit Options

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way many people live, work, and play. Because of the pandemic, students are mostly learning virtually, and many businesses have gone to having employees work remotely from home. While many gyms and movie theatres are closed, restaurants have downsized their seating capacity to less than 50% to keep their customers safe. Even the household goods and grocery shopping services have boomed via the internet due to people trying to stay safe in this pandemic.

These limitations have forced more people to seek out entertainment in any way they can. Among the rise of online entertainment is the boom in online casino gaming. More people are either self-isolating or forced to quarantine at home due to contamination. Those people are looking for ways to pass the time and stay busy and safe, and online casino gaming offers a lot for those who love the casino floor for entertainment.

Online casino gaming is played exclusively on the internet and is exceptionally convenient. Logging on to the websites is a breeze, and there are as many games available as in live casinos, such as baccarat, blackjack, slots, poker, and roulette. Customers can place bets depending on their skill level, and many online casinos offer gifts, promotions, free spins, and giveaways to keep fans of online casino’s coming back.

While there are many online games for novice players, online casinos are no different from live casinos, played with real cash. A big draw is that they also pay out in actual cash, just as a live casino would. Some benefits of using one of the methods listed below to transfer to your online casino account are:

Privacy: If you have an account set up to transfer money, you don’t have to provide much information to the casino. Your information has been verified through whatever payment method the player chooses.

Safety: Most casinos chose top-notch safety methods to protect you and your money.

Save money: Avoid excess fees when using the method of your choice to fund your online casino account.

Legal: Online casinos are legal, so there is no risk in breaking laws to transfer to casino websites.

While there are many methods for transferring funds to your online casino account, listed below are ways that are safe, easy, and allow gamers to begin playing almost immediately.


An E-wallet is also known as a digital wallet. It is an electronic device designed to allow one party to transfer money to another party electronically. They are for goods and services and payments. E-wallets are typically on smartphones, which means they are one of the most convenient.

When e-wallet accounts are opened, they are linked to the user’s bank account. From there, the user can transfer money from their bank account into their e-wallet account. The user will have to authenticate their performance, and once that verified, their e-wallet is set up and available to use.

To transfer money to an online casino account, the player will go to their casino setting and purchase coins using their e-wallet. Once the account is verified, transfers are simple ways to add money to online casino accounts.

Credit Card Deposit

Credit cards are another one of the easiest ways to add money to your casino account. The money that comes from a “credit card” is given to cardholders as a payment for goods and services. That is called charging. The cardholder then pays the credit card company for whatever has been charged. Credit cards can also be used for cash advances, which is what using it to add money to a casino account is considered a cash advance.

Your online account settings are where you will add money to your online account in any form. With a credit card, your information from your Visa or MasterCard is added to your settings. To avoid your credit card account being defrauded, it is essential to add your certified driver’s license information to your settings. That way, when you need to add money to your account, your information is already available. You will be responsible for checking on fees for transfers with your credit card servicer.


Cryptocurrency is a digital asset used to exchange money where individual coin ownership records are stored using a computerized database. It is not physical money, but it is recorded and kept track of and is available as a financial transaction database. There are several types of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Monero.

To transfer money to your online casino account, you need to merchant address, QR code, or other information regarding the recipient. After a few clicks, your transactions are done, and you can continue to play in your online casino. Cryptocurrency acts like physical currency and allows you to play online casino games in a safe, easy.


PayPal operates online only and is an electronic alternative, and is used like checks or money orders. They charge a small fee for their services but are safe and effective. While PayPal will know your banking information, using PayPal saves users from giving away their credit card information on every website they use for purchases.

Once you are sure that your online casino accepts payments from PayPal, it cannot be emphasized enough how easy transferring money from a PayPal account to your online casino account is. Confirmation can be found in the settings section of your casino. All you need to do is choose your transfer amount, enter your PayPal information, and wait a few minutes for the complete online transfer.

More people are using the world wide web, and online casinos are no different. Choosing how to fund your online account is simple, safe, and useful.

Casino Bonuses 850x550 - Tips on Understanding Online Casino Bonuses Before Joining

Tips on Understanding Online Casino Bonuses Before Joining

Before any player can start to play any game in any casino, the first thing they are on the lookout to will be whether the Casino they are choosing offer bonuses. Most Casinos will offer a discount to the players to attract them. In the past years, people never liked bonuses, and they were never applied as they are right now because for you to get a discount back then, you had to tackle so many tricks and a lot of requirements. Due to these tricks and requirements, it was almost impossible for the player to win. However, this is not the case today because every Casino that opens has to get a license hence making you feel safe and secure when you are playing. In the current years, requirements have changed in that they have made it so easy for the player to get a discount.

What is the casino bonus?

Before you can even be playing, you must understand what casino bonuses entail. The casino bonuses are usually an offer that you do not pay for it that Casino gives to their committed players on their website. Casinos are different, and no wonder they do not give the same bonus; there are ones that are worth having them while others are not.

How do the casino bonuses work?

The main reasons why most Casinos have this bonus are to keep, reward, and to attract more players into playing these games. Players get these bonuses for different reasons such as opening an account at certain Casinos, depositing money, or being a player who plays a lot of times and adding more players to the same Casino. Giving bonuses keeps the players happy, and they are always looking for more games to play. Bonuses are not freely given; they will have a few requirements that you need to do; however, the requirement is not very hard to accomplish. For you to understand more about bonuses below are types of bonus that are offered in different casinos

Welcome bonuses When you join any casino, the first bonus they give you is a welcome bonus. This bonus is given to motivate the player to continue playing as well as to attract them. In most cases, for you to get this welcome bonus, you have to deposit a specific percentage of the bonus. It can range from 100% to even 500%. When you deposit in most cases, you will get double the amount of money that you have deposited that will match your deposit. In most the casinos, the higher the percentage of the bonus, the more they will have more terms and requirements for you to withdraw your winnings.

Loyalty bonuses In most casinos, they will keep track of their faithful members who play in their Casinos. To motivate them and have them at their casinos to keep on playing their game, they will give them loyalty bonuses; however, these bonuses will differ from one casino to another. Different Casinos will give different bonuses, which can be free spins, deposit bonuses, or any other kind of bonus that specific Casinos will decide to give you.

Deposit bonus This kind of bonus is almost the same as the welcome bonus; however, the deposit bonus will differ a little bit. The deposit bonus is not a must for it to be for new members; only it can also apply to any other person, whether old or new. Before even you go for this kind of a bonus, it is very crucial that you read and understand their rules and mostly the limit needed for withdrawal of your winnings.

No deposit bonuses This happens to be one of the best bonuses. It only requires you to open an online casino, and then you are given free money for registering with that Casino. You can receive you by direct credit to your account, claim it through an email, or even to some casinos, and you can send an application form to their website. You do not have to deposit any amount of money to enjoy this bonus. Before you can get this bonus, you have to know the conditions of such bonuses. This kind of bonus will mostly range from $4 to a maximum of $ 20. Trying this type of bonus is not always easy as you will stay for a long time without winning. You will have to deposit more money for you to meet some playthrough requirement before you can get your winning money.

Reload bonuses These are the types of bonuses that are offered by different Casinos at different times of the week. It can be Monday, Friday, or any other day. During these days, the Casino will give you more money than what you have deposited.

VIP bonuses People are not all the same there those who would prefer to gamble with a small amount of money while others will prefer to wager much more. This kind of discount is given to these people who deposit a lot of money; these bonuses are different from one Casino to the other. So you should make sure you do your homework well before deciding on which Casino you will choose.

Free spins bonus This type of bonus will differ from one Casino to another there those who will give to the new players while other Casino will give to their loyal players. You must read the ply through the requirement of the game to know you will withdraw your earnings.

Bonuses for referring a guest Some casinos will give you a bonus if you bring in a new player to register with them. These bonuses will be different depending on the Casino. There is a casino that gives free spins, free money, or any other prize. If you frequently keep on bringing new players, then the more you will get more bonuses.

Conditions that you need to know for bonuses

Before you can get yourself into any bonus, you must understand the requirement for play through of each bonus. You should know that the conditions are put in place to make sure that the casinos are protected and make sure that the players stay for a longer time so as they can continue playing these games. Before you can get any discount, you will have to wager a specific amount before you can withdraw. There is more information on wagering requirements and understanding casino terms in another article we posted in the past. It is advisable that before you involve yourself with this discount, you much do a lot of research so that you get a better understanding of how they work. You must read a lot of reviews and comments online for you to get more knowledge before you can even think of registering. If you have been wondering how you can understand more about casino bonuses, wonder no more as the above tips will help you in making the right choice.