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6 Screen Editing Apps You Can Use To Create Your Own Mobile Themed Slot

Themes are marvelous concepts that enhance the gameplay experience. They are the underlying reason why many games succeed and why some fail. A captivating design often intrigues the interest of the players and keeps their attention for a long time.

Nevertheless, even though there are abundant themed casino games or slots in the world, there are still moments when we are driven by the notion of creating our own themes. Maybe what we have inside our minds could be the next big thing.

However, creating a theme especially for a slot game is no easy feat. It requires effort, great imagination and relatable storytelling. With regards to this, there are helpful tools that you could utilize to start actualizing your vision. The only rule is to be creative, and the sky is the limit.

Hands-on Green Screen

This particular app is excellent for making stunning graphics and video effects. It has outstanding features that anyone can try because the app is basically free. While there are some issues with its resolution, the fact that its free could make for an enlightening experience.


Similar to the first one, this app is also free. However, free use of this application disables the user’s ability to remove the logo of the brand to the creations made. But purchasing the pro version of this app will immediately solve the issue.

It is easy to use and has plenty of opportunities to create fantastic designs and even themes for slot games.


This screen editing app is acknowledged as one of the best video editors out there. It has great specific features and it provides a lot of helpful tips for beginners and professionals alike. Using this tool would make creating themed slots an easier job.

The only downside is that it can be a bit expensive for people just trying out the activity.

Green Screen Movie FX Studio

This app is an amazing tool for creating intricately designed photographs and videos. It has multiple and diverse effects and a user-friendly interface. This means even newbies would immediately understand how to interact with the app.

The only problem for this tool is that it is often exclusive to iPhone users.

Veescope Live Green Screen

This is a free app with some in-app purchases. It utilizes excellent programming techniques that turn your creations into something exceptional. When you’re going to use this app to create your mobile themed slot, the result could be out of this world.

Chroma Key Touchup

Despite being less popular than the others that are mentioned in this list, this one is definitely worth trying. It has interesting and useful features that any enthusiasts could benefit from. It delivers quality output with a system that is easy to understand and handle.

Creating your own themes for slot games has never been easier. The only thing you need is an imagination that is not limited by the real world. You need to be creative not just in artworks but also in gameplay design.

If you succeed in creating a marvelous theme, you could probably try approaching the right company and present your pitch.

Just make sure that everything you do is fueled by passion and a great love of casino games.